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Currently seeking a US Military Veteran, National Guardsman, Reservist and/or Military Spouse to apply for a Sales Director with a veteran-owned company. Responsible for all sales related aspects, issue leads to your Salespeople, assist with collection of the final payment when needed. 2+ years of sales and sales management is required.
Responsibilities of the Sales Director: Veteran Military
  • Cover overflow appointments and run appointments.
  • Do ride-alongs and training sales associates.
  • Keep track of sales progress and have a plan for meeting minimum sales closing percentages.
  • Hire and fire sales associates and complete entry and exit paperwork.
  • Conduct Sales Trainings.
  • Track sales associates closing percentages and issue performance reviews for associates that are not performing to minimum standards of 55%.
  • Conduct weekly Sales meetings and issue leads daily.
  • Manage finance approvals and get paperwork done thru second looks when needed.
  • Take phone calls from sales associates while on leads to help them close the sale.
  • Update on the outcome of each days nightly.
  • Process sold jobs when needed and enter information into software.
  • Continuously work “Limbo Sales” to make sure that jobs are moving forward.
  • Ensure that sales associates are doing a minimum of 80%.
  • Conduct bi-weekly ride along appointments to ensure our system is being followed.
  • Rehash all unsold appointments daily and update notes in software consistently.
  • Review and sign off on project costs (when applicable) to make sure minimum margins are covered.
  • Track commission sheets and enter commissions into 360 for bi-weekly payroll.
Requirements of the Sales Director: Veteran Military
  • US Veteran, National Guardsman, Reservist, or Military Spouse.
  • High School Diploma.
  • 2+ year’s in-home sales experience in the construction industry.
  • 2+ year’s sales management experience.
  • Will be servicing the 495 corridor, Howard County and south.

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