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DevOps Engineer
Computer Services

Seeking a US Military Veteran, National Guardsman, Reservist, and/or Military Spouse to apply as a DevOps Engineer. Maintain operational (Infrastructure-as-a-service) cloud systems, data flows, design and implement software products and systems that will efficiently process and manage the pipeline. Qualifications include Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering, Azure, AWS, Java and CMS Certifications and 3+ years in deployment automation and implementation.
Responsibilities: Veteran Military
  • Detail all supported CI/CD pipelines, developers and environments, e.g. Development, Testing, Stage, Production.
  • Provide development estimates outlining business and technical risks.
  • Code and deploy software in an incremental process that is potentially shippable with each iteration
  • Identify and significantly contribute, where appropriate, to division initiatives
  • Provide technical and business explanation and justification for architectural, design and coding approaches.
  • Execute thorough unit and integration test cases for developed solutions
  • Develop data persistence and transmission based on commercial and open source relational databases
  • Regularly update technical and business teams as to plans, progress, and issues
  • Produce high-quality software with best practices and established standards, e.g. Test-Driven Development.
  • Plan, design, enforce, and audit policies and procedures to safeguard integrity and access to enterprise systems, files, and data elements. Resolve defects in code.
  • Follow agile process and defined standards: technical design specifications, code reviews, unit + integration testing
Requirements: Veteran Military
  • US Veteran, National Guardsman, Reservist or Military Spouse.
  • Required Certifications - Azure, AWS, Java and CMS
  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Engineering or related OR equiv education/technical training/work/military experience.
  • 3+ years in 1) deployment automation, secure systems, and fault tolerance; 2) micro services; 3) DevOps and software development and deployments; 4) SCM/release engineer, or similar skill sets and responsibilities; and 5) performing source code control management Subversion/Git, branching, merging, tagging, etc.
  • Experience implementing Agile and DevOps tools such as: Azure DevOps (VSTS) or Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Chef, Nexus, SonarQube, Fortify, Gradle, Maven, Groovy, Ruby, Networking tools, Docker, Java, J-Boss, Tomcat, PowerShell, CI/CD, Selenium, Junit, Mockito, GitLab, LiquiBase, Section 508 tools, and OS such as RedHat, Windows and Ubantu.
  • Strong DevOps, Unix/Linux Systems Admin and Scripting, especially in Ubuntu, plus Java
  • Docker, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS); Azure Cloud, Azure Registry and Container Services and Gradle;
  • Configuration management technologies (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, or similar);
  • CI/CD process + tools, testing frameworks + practices (preferably GitHub, Jenkins/Bamboo, Mocha/Karma, SonarQube)
  • Automating manual processes using scripting language, Unix Shells (bash, ksh) and AntAbility to collaborate
  • Expertise with large-scale, high-performance enterprise application deployment and solution architecture on complex heterogeneous environments in the Cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • Good working experience on Web Services, REST/JSON Services
  • Experience with service-oriented architecture development and implementation
  • Experience and understand architectural principles and frameworks (MVC)
  • Strong knowledge of database design principals + experience implementing: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Healthcare IT experience preferred. 5-8 years of related systems engineering experience preferred

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